Please note, I am very lighthearted with kinning.

I recognize others take it more lightly or more seriously, and I respect that.


Benry (HLVR:AI)

Coomer (HLVR:AI)

Bubby (HLVR:AI)

Tommy (HLVR:AI)

Gordon Freeman (HL)

Gorgeous Freeman (GF)

Scary/Creepy Alyx (HL Creepypasta)

GMan (HL)

RED Pyro (TF2)

RED Medic (TF2)

BLU Scout (TF2)

Abe Lincoln (Clone High)

Shadowy Figure (Clone High)

Stoowarb (MSM)

Jaymee / Jury Six (OC)

Jazz / Jazzmine (OC)

Little Crow (C64/CC)

Wilford Warfstache

Vortigaunt (HL)

Guru Ant (PTR2)

Iron Golem (MC)

Adam (HDTF)

Doug Rattmann (Portal)

Candy / v3b1g1 (Incredibox)

Yah / v6M5 (Incredibox)

Ride / v3V2 (Incredibox)

Imposter Dan (Dan vs)

[Unidentified Little Girl]

[Unidentified Alien Creature]


Alien kin*

Lion kin

Monster kin*

Program / Application kin*

Crow kin*


* = This is because of other kins.


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